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New Hampshire . USA

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Capital - Concord

No. of Counties - 10

Population - 1,395,231

Area - 9,349 sq mi (24,214 km2) sqkm

Pop. Density - 150/sq mi (58/km2)

Median Household Income - $73,381

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About - New Hampshire

Here are some key facts about New Hampshire:

  1. Statehood: New Hampshire was the 9th state to join the United States on June 21, 1788.

  2. Nickname: It is commonly known as the "Granite State" due to its extensive granite formations and quarries.

  3. Capital: Concord is the capital city of New Hampshire.

  4. Population: As of my last update, New Hampshire has a population of around 1.36 million people.

  5. Area: The state covers an area of approximately 9,349 square miles (24,214 square kilometers), making it the 5th smallest state in the US by area.

  6. Geography: New Hampshire is located in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is bordered by Vermont to the west, Maine to the east, Massachusetts to the south, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north.

  7. Economy: Historically, New Hampshire's economy relied heavily on manufacturing, particularly textiles and shoe production. However, the state has diversified its economy over the years, with sectors such as tourism, healthcare, technology, and education playing significant roles.

  8. Politics: New Hampshire is known for its "First in the Nation" primary, which is the first primary election held in the United States presidential election cycle.

  9. Education: The state is home to several prestigious institutions of higher education, including Dartmouth College in Hanover, the University of New Hampshire in Durham, and Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester.

  10. Natural Beauty: New Hampshire boasts diverse landscapes, including the White Mountains, which offer opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, skiing, and camping. The state is also known for its picturesque lakes, including Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam Lake (featured in the movie "On Golden Pond"), and Newfound Lake.

These are just a few key facts about New Hampshire, a state rich in history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage.

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